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Drying modules for footwear

1998 × 625 × 612* mm
2061 × 625 × 656* mm
1998 × 625 × 612* mm
2061 × 625 × 656* mm

Drying modules for shoes of Soyuz-10, Soyuz-20, Soyuz-10N, Soyuz-20N models are designed for drying wet shoes, pre-wringing is not required.

Drying modules for shoes are a metal body mounted on a modular stand with adjustable supports (for (Soyuz-10, Soyuz-10N) models) or with swivel wheels (for Soyuz-20, Soyuz-20N models) . Soyuz-10, Soyuz-10N models can be attached to the wall and in this case are used without a prefabricated stand.

In the drying modules, shoes are placed outside the body, by hanging on removable pipes. For Soyuz-10, Soyuz-10N models, removable pipes are located on one side of the body, Soyuz-20, Soyuz-20N models have removable pipes located on both sides of the body.

In the lower part of the body, the shoe drying modules have a built-in heating unit that pumps warm air into the body, which then comes out through holes in the removable pipes. The heating unit consists of: one (for Soyuz-10, Soyuz-10N models) or two (for Soyuz-20, Soyuz-20N models) cross fans, one or two needle mica heaters, respectively, a temperature control sensor and an electronic control unit. Control buttons, digital and light indication of operating modes are located on the side wall of the body. As a protection against overheating, hot-melt fuses are used (without return to the initial point).

A germicidal UV lamp which disinfects the air passing through the shoes is built in the upper part of the body

For (Soyuz-10N, Soyuz-20N) models, the outer part of the body and the assembled stand are made of stainless steel, resistant to humid environment, allowing wet cleaning without the use of detergents. Attention! The products are NOT intended for use in aggressive environments.