Dimensions, HxWxD: 1800 × 600 × 495* mm
Weight: 52 kg

Delivery in assembled form, packaging - 1 place:
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1830x667x590, gross 64 kg;

The drying cabinet of HOTSTORM model is designed for drying wet clothes and shoes, pre-wringing is not required.

Structurally, the cabinet consists of two basic elements: the upper part of the cabinet body and the lower stand with a built-in heating unit. The upper part of the body is connected to the stand by means of standard hardware. The cabinet is delivered assembled, fully ready for use.

There are three adjustable shelves inside the body that can be rotated and fixed in a vertical position. One can put mittens, hats or shoes on the shelves for drying. Сlothes hangers can also be hung on the shelves. The cabinet is closed by a single door, which has a magnetic seal around the perimeter, a handle for opening and does not lock.

There is an air outlet in the cabinet cover. А flange for connection to an external ventilation system is included.

The lower stand of the cabinet is a welded structure made of sheet steel and is the base element on which the cabinet is assembled. There is a built-in heating unit inside the stand body.

The heating unit consists of: cross fan, needle mica heater, temperature control sensor and electronic control unit. As a protection against overheating, a hot-melt fuse is used (without return to the initial point).On the front side of the cabinet cover there are control elements with mode switching buttons, a light indication and a liquid crystal display imaging drying parameters, cabinet operating modes, as well as error codes.

A humidity control sensor is included in the control circuit of the electronic controller of the HOTSTORM model, in addition to the temperature control sensor, which allows to include the following programs in the operation of the cabinet: «maximum dry», normal dry»  «wet», «heating», «airing».

The built-in timer with smooth adjustment allows to perform drying modes on time and delayed start of the program.

Technical characteristics of HOTSTORM model

Overall dimensions (height, width, depth) 1800×600×495*mm
Number of adjustable shelves 3 pcs.
Maximum shelf load 10 kg
Diameter of the flange for air removal to the external hood 120 or 125 mm
The length of the power cord 2.5 m
Cabinet grounding through the ground wire and the ground contact in the plug of the power cord.
Supply voltage 230V/50Hz
Power capacity of a cross fan 300 m3/h
The power of the motor cross fan 53 W
Type of heating element needle mica
The power of the heating element 2000 W
Drying programs
  • Maximum dry
  • Normal dry
  • Wet
  • Heating
  • Timed drying
Mode of operation
  • drying without heating;
  • accurate temperature maintenance 40 0;
  • accurate temperature maintenance 600;
  • cooling mode of the heating element for 1 minute when power off;
  • Disable mode of the heating element when opening the door
Timer with configurable automatic shutdown setting
  • Automatic shutdown from 0.0 h to 24.0 h in 15 min increments;
  • manual power off (no timer);
  • Delayed start of the program
Overheating protection hot melt fuse (no return to initial point)
Net weight 52 kg

* without air outlet flange