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WORK 75 series workbenches

872 х 1208 х 755 mm
872 х 1508 х 755 mm
872 х 1808 х 755 mm
850×1208×755 mm
850×1208×755 mm
850×1508×755 mm
850×1508×755 mm
850×1508×755 mm
850×1508×755 mm
850×1508×755 mm
850×1808×755 mm
850×1808×755 mm

Work series workbench is delivered fully assembled, including cabinets. This is conditioned by the structure of the workbench frame that includes four cross-bars made of 30×30 mm shaped steel tubes, connected by side walls of the cabinets (the side walls of the cabinets are also supports of the workbench frame). This is also the reason why there is no workbench model without cabinets in the Work series.

Cabinets of the Work series workbench are equipped with doors (locked by a mailbox lock) with a removable inner shelf, or five drawers of three standard sizes in height.

The drawers are fixed by a central lock mechanism and may be locked with a padlock. The drawers are pulled out with the help of telescopic ball guides (inversed bearing type) mounted on hooks.

The version that features mounting the guides on hooks helps avoid protruding parts of rivets on the inner surfaces of the drawers, which is important when using purchased tool holders for placing tools in the drawer.

Maximum distributed load on a drawer is 45 kg

The walls of the cabinets feature rigid stops preventing the falling of loaded drawers when a drawer is suddenly pulled out to the extreme position.

The tabletop is made of 24 mm plywood and covered with a 1.2 mm galvanized steel sheet. The countertop is 750 mm deep Maximum distributed load on the countertop is 350 kg.

Additional options and accessories are available for all models of workbenches:

  • A perforated screen on which it is easy to mount shelves and hooks for tools of various sizes (pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, power tools, etc.)
  • Perforated screen can also be equipped with a lamp adjustable in two planes
  • Plywood counter treated with antiseptic composition, without a galvanized sheet
  • Screen shelves 280, 420, 560 mm wide
  • Holder for wrenches, holder for screwdrivers, hooks in two variants, 50 and 80 mm long
  • Additional shelves mounted between cabinets
  • Rubber mats for drawers