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Schoollbox carts for laptops

Dimensions, HxWxD: 973 × 1200 × 536 mm
Weight: 71,70 kg

SchoollBox cart for laptops or mobile safe for laptop storage and charging is designed for storage, transportation of laptops and arrangement of mobile computer classes, as well as for complete or quick partial laptop charging. The cart consists of a metal casing. Inside the casing there are two shelves with mesh partitions to place laptops (a maximum of 15 laptops per shelf).

The inner compartment is closed by two doors with a bolt lock. The mesh partitions are detachable, allowing for optimal arrangement of the internal space, with the number of laptops less than 30 pieces. At the top of each of the two shelves special cable trunking is fixed for laying and fixing the wires of the chargers for each laptop. In the left and right sections of the casing, there are sockets for connecting laptop chargers, and pockets for placing the chargers. In the left part there is also a controller of the charging modes, keys and light indicators of the charging modes and the power cord for connecting to the mains. The left and right sections of the casing are closed each with its own door with a built-in lock.

Technical data
Dimensions (height х width х depth): 973х1200х536 mm
Cell size (height х width х depth): 315х42.5х450 mm
Number of laptops (max): 30 pcs
Power voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz Power consumption (max): 2200 W
Current consumption (max): 12 A
Number of groups of chargers: 3 pcs
Power cord length — 2.5 m
Weight: 71.70 kg

Operating modes:
100% charging mode (5 hours max)
Quick charging mode (charging each group for 30 minutes)
“Emergency” mode (upon earth leakage , short circuit or current
consumption exceeding 12 A)