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SmarttBox carts for tablets

Dimensions, HxWxD: 1034 × 900 × 550 мм
Weight: 70 кг

SmarttBox cart for tablets or mobile safe for tablets storage and charging is designed for storage, transportation of tablets and arrangement of mobile
computer classes, as well as for complete or quick partial tablets charging.

Technical data
Dimensions (height х width х depth): 1034х900х550;
Number of tablets (max): 40 pcs;
Power voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz Power consumption (max): 2200 W
Current consumption (max): 12 A
Number of groups of chargers: 3 pcs
Power cord length — 2.5 m

Operating modes:
100% charging mode (5 hours max)
Quick charging mode (charging each group for 30 minutes)
“Emergency” mode (upon earth leakage , short circuit or current
consumption exceeding 12 A)